alshams  Mawakhat Program was initiated with an objective of providing interest free micro credit to the poor and needy to enable them to start business, earn a respectable income and improve their standard of living. Mawakhat Program is dedicated to improve lives of the under privileged segment of society: who are financially unstable and await opportunities to a respectful earning. The program is based on the Islamic teachings of “Qarz-e-Hasna” which literally means to help someone in need through interest-free loan. Mawakhat Program also provides the poor with interest-free loans so that they may acquire a livelihood, a skill to earn and fulfill their needs.


Interest Free Loan

Under the Small Interest Free Loans, alshams  Foundation Pakistan provides cash support to the borrowers who utilize the loans to expand their …

Liberation Loan

Liberation Loans are provided for the payment of loans obtained from money lenders who charge heavy interest rate. alshams  Mawakhat Program pays the principle