Alshams Social Welfare Society (SWS). Malam Jabba, Shinkad, Swat

What is SWS?

Based in the valley of Malam Jabba, SWAT Pakistan, Al-shams Social Welfare Society, abbreviated as SWS, is a non-governmental, non-profiting and non-political welfare organization founded and run by Dr. Rahman Ali (A Social Activist from SWAT) back in December 16, 2016 with the objectives of promoting education, healthier lifestyle and welfare services to establish a healthy and aware society.

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Mission of SWS

“To act as a model society to alleviate the suffering of deserving families with illiteracy and medical issues through the free services of educating poor families, providing health assistance and carrying out social welfare activities.”

  • To enhance the existing social welfare activities through collaboration and team work
  • To make future generation of the community as an educated and talented ones.
  • To improve life standard of the community by coping with their basic needs.
  • To improve education system from the root level to higher education by conducting awareness programs, counselling sessions, tuition and coaching facilities and training and workshops.
  • To work jointly with government and public schools in order to improve the existing education system.
  • To improve health facilities by organizing free medical camps involving both government as well as NGO’s.

Why SWS?

The valley of Malam Jabba consists of more than 15 villages with more than 15 thousand of population. The entire valley lacks a proper platform, in the form of society/organization/foundation, to work for the promotion of education, health, and welfare services of the deserving poor families mostly involving widows/orphans, poor chronic disease patients, poor school-going children etc. Therefore, in view of the above mentioned needs, an organization is required. To fill the need, an initiative has been taken by Dr. Rahman Ali in the year 2016 to establish a welfare organization in the Valley of Malam Jabba. For this purpose, a letter was circulated among the community members to participate in the meeting. Subsequently, a series of meetings were conducted with prominent, young and talented individuals in the valley. After detailed discussion with the aforementioned community, it was observed that an organization is need to be established with immediate effect. Hence, “Al-shams Social Welfare Society”, abbreviated as SWS, is founded.

By the Grace of Almighty Allah, since its inception in Dec 2016, SWS is actively working to promote life standard of Al-shams community members and to fulfill their social needs by promoting social welfare services, such as educational development, health promotion, and other community services. SWS is purely serving the community regardless of any political interest, blood relation as well as personal interests. The organization is committed to enhance the existing facilities and services being rendered to the community.

SWS is comprised of dedicated and devoted members who always involve in sharing valuable suggestions and spare their valuable time to improve the life standard of our community. SWS members are working under a well-established constitution and it its workload is divided into several committees in order to serve the community more efficiently and effectively. SWS team welcomes you to become active member of this well established, trusted and disciplined organization to work jointly for the betterment of our society.

Funding Sources

SWS is a non-profit organization which is totally financed by its members through monthly contribution while funds for some special welfare services, such as Ramzan Packages, Eid Package, Education activities and Health issues are also collected through special requests for donations from the prominent local and non-local (overseas Pakistanis).

You can donate for the noble cause here.

SWS Projects/Help Domains

Currently, SWS is focusing on education, health and social welfare services that includes:

  1. Free Schooling for Deserving Children
  2. Free Madrasa for Deserving Children
  3. Free Medical Consultancy
  4. Wheelchair for Disabled and Special Persons
  5. Ramadan Package
  6. Winter/Summer Cloths Package for Poor Families
  7. Funerals Community Service Program
  8. Ramadan Package for Poor Families
  9. Short-term Micro Loan Scheme
SWS Services SWS Services

List of SWS Committees

  1. Education Committee (comprised of education experts)
  2. Social Welfare Committee (includes social workers)
  3. Health Society (includes health experts, i.e., medical doctors)
  4. Sports Committee (includes sports men)
See the full list of the committee members.

Future Plans

  1. To establish a Dastakari (Tailoring center) for female, specially widows, in order to support their families more effectively and to make them self-dependent.
  2. To initiate Jahaiz Package for the orphan/needy community.
  3. To initiate “Supporting talented Orphan/Needy students” by paying their expenses to their concern schools or colleges.
  4. NADRA Mobile Service on regular basis to support community
  5. Disaster Management Workshop to prepare youngsters for tragedy situations
  6. Free Medical Camps for general medicines
  7. Orphan/deserving families packages (Ramadan, Eid, Winter, Summer)
  8. Free Ambulance Service to support poor families in case of medical emergency and assist them in quick access to nearest hospitals
  9. Vocational Center for Widows and Poor Females/Widows
Visit our Future Projects Page.