Alshams Social Welfare Society

Our Services

Health Services

We provide health services such as support to the disabled people and medical treatment for the deserving individuals and families.


This includes financial support for the deserving students and free tuition and consultation services for the people of the area.

Community Services

SWS has also vastly covered the area of social welfare by successfully conducting a number of projects for the benefits of general community.

Youth Welfare

We also offer a number of services in the domain of Youth Welfare to engage young generation of the society in healthy and recreational activities.

Social Activities

We also have a keen interest in engaging the individuals of the community in various social activities which we believe are necessary to build a healthy society.

Orphan Care

We have a number of services and plans for the orphans and widows who are deprived of the basic needs of life such as balanced nutrition, quality education and clothing.

Our Vision

Knowledge is Power

Quality education is the key to success. We believe only education can bring change in the society and have been working hard since the inception of Alshams Social Welfare Society.

Women Empowerment

A well educated and skillful woman can change the fate of a family. We believe women empowerment is utmost necessary to make the dream of a developed society true.​

Health is Wealth

We need to be extra careful about the health of our individuals. We aim to assist the deserving patients and play our role in developing a healthy society by assisting healthy activities.

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